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Adbi Juliandriesta Pratama

Photographer, creative director & graphic designer, based in Pekanbaru, Riau, Indonesia.

Tentang Adbi Pratama

Photographer with 5th years experience. Have the capability to direct models, understanding the rule of thirds, and use professional studio lighting. Skilled in videography & cinematography, basic sound design, editorial design, and photo retouching. Top 8 finalists for the Indodax short film festival 2020 as director, videographer, editor, and sound designer.

Photography Services

Experienced in product photography, documentation, editorial, and fashion portraits.

Video Director/Editor

Directing films, cinematic video editing. High standards in sound design.

Editorial, Branding, Photo Manipulation

Attractive layout for your page, make your product stand out. Realizing dreams that you never imagined.

Creative Director

Directing creative team, create concepts, ideas and think outside the box. Creating timeless visualizations.

Hobi dan Minat

Hal yang saya lakukan selain fotografi dan desain



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Menonton film






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